Press for the 2005 show

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Critic's Pick

Financial Times 2005 by Jackie Wullschlager

An exhibition by this virtuoso yet reticent, delicate painter is always a treat. Patrick’s subjects are quiet interiors, unshowy portraits or still-lifes, yet with strong, highly detailed brushwork and unusual, rich coloration. She achieves spontaneity, depth of feeling and an enthralling sense of presence.

The Best of the Arts

The Times 2005 by Rachel Campbell-Johnston

Everyday Impressions. The contemporary UK painter Emily Patrick is acclaimed for her beautiful, quirkily detailed domestic scenes…Light falls delicately on the intimate still lifes and tranquil landscapes of Emily Patrick at the Air Gallery.

House and Garden 2005

The work of Emily Patrick has a meditative prettiness: with tranquil understatement it unfurls layers of meaning.

Homes and Antiques 2005

Light as air. With her sense of colour and light, Emily Patrick has been likened to a latterday Impressionist, and many consider her the most talented figurative artist of her generation..her delicate touch produces works of real beauty and vibrancy, such as Cadmium Maple Leaves.